AHTML is the life and support of webpages on the internet. HTML along with CSS can transform the static designs into dynamic webpages, which together can form a brilliant website. We convert your Photoshop designs into a 100% hand-coded, pixel-perfect, W3C validated & cross-browser compatible HTML/XHTML/CSS markup using CSS2.1 or CSS3.

Why Choose Dreamz Infotech for PSD to HTML Services ?

  • Fast and Proficient Service
  • Use of Advanced Technologies
  • Structured Coding & Optimized HTML, CSS Codes
  • Browsers Compatibility with W3C Validated Code
  • Enhanced Speed & Navigation


We offer Great quality PSD to HTML conversion services on
HTML 5 / CSS 3, compatible across all browsers and mobile devices.

Our Promises

We can meet any imagination and expectations to deliver your work embraced with rich quality and class.

Cross Browser Compatible

The webpages are made compatible with all the browsers

Fully Hand Coded

For error free results codes are always manually generated

Standardized Codes

International W3C standards followed for best outcomes

Speed Optimized

Webpages that are fast and have minimum loading time

Pixel Perfect Development

100% match of every element on webpage with the design

SEO Semantic

Our codes are SEO semantic which makes your web page seo friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions? We got Answers!

What is PSD Format?

PSD is basically Photoshop’s native file format. It is popularly known as PSD or PDD which is a widely accepted file format. PSD supports all available image modes (Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, CMYK, Lab, and Multi channel). PSD is a proprietary file format used to create and edit images in Adobe Photoshop. It is a widely accepted format as it supports all available image types – Bitmap, RGB, Duotone, Grayscale, Indexed Color, CMYK, Lab, and Multi channel.

Why is PSD Conversion important?

PSD conversion means converting the Photoshop based design into any markup language or structured set of rules in form of data that can be shared on the web. Conversion has become common as well as very easy. PSD document can be easily converted into HTML, XHTML and CSS document. Without PSD Conversion a website cannot be launched in any browser. Moreover, this makes a website free from errors.

Who needs conversion of PSD? OR Who are customers of PSD to HTML services?

Creative Agencies, Web design and Web development companies, Independent Graphic & Web designers, Bloggers, Net workers, Owners of websites developed on the open source CMS platforms.

Why PSD to HTML?

HTML stands for hyper text markup language and is considered to be a building blocks of websites. Conversion of PSD to HTML makes web pages more accessible in world wide web. PSD files are not easy to maintain. For their maintenance they need to convert into HTML. For making a website search engine friendly, PSD to HTML Conversion is important

Is PSD-to-HTML conversion same as Web development?

For developing a website PSD to HTML conversion is important. PSD slicing is a part of the PSD conversion process and needs to be flawless. The success of a website depends on the PSD Slicing. For instance programming a server part of a web application and developing an HTML/CSS markup. Programs are all about “algorithms + data structure”, HTML/CSS markups are about laying-out texts (content) and describing the document presentation. Programming and HTML/XHTML/CSS coding require its specific knowledge as well as expertise.