Dreamz Infotech’s social media marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.

Why Choose Dreamz Infotech for Social Media Marketing Services ?

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Spy On Competitors
  • Better Customer Service
  • Interactive Display Of Products

Social Media Marketing

Engage and expand your audience across the web with social media marketing.

Our Services Comprise

Facebook Page Management

To attract the Facebook audience and grow their number rapidly, we provide an exclusive Facebook page management service.

Twitter Account Management

This critical but crucial task is being handled to grasp Twitter users’ attention who are actively available over them.

YouTube Channel Management

We implementing the essential YouTube channel building and management tips help you reach out to more fans.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Stand out from the crowd on the most popular social network in the world.With over 1.49 billion monthly active users and over 900 million of those logging in every day, it’s evident that Facebook’s reign is surely here to stay. Facebook is a platform that has consistently adapted to the marketplace and created new ways to connect with users. From Facebook Messenger to the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook understands the ever-changing dynamic of the technology-driven world we live in.

Why Choose Facebook Marketing Services ?

  • Users Spend an Average of 20 Min per session on Facebook
  • Over 95% of Businesses Have a Facebook Page
  • Every Minute, There are over 49 Million Posts

FB Marketing Services Includes

A page that is customized to your business, including profile & cover images

An optimized page that is easily found on search engines and attracts users

A custom FB marketing strategy built from the ground up, which can include regular posting, engagement, advertising, social monitoring, & reputation management

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has over 310 million active users that send around 500 million tweets per day, so it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of marketing potential on this buzzing social network. Twitter As one of the most popular social networks, Twitter has become a great place for businesses to connect with current and prospective customers. With 74% of users more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter, there’s no better time to get started!

Why Choose Twitter Marketing Services ?

  • 47% of people who follow a Brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that Company’s Website
  • 74% of a Brand’s followers are more likely to make a purchase
  • 85% of users feel more connected to a Brand after following them

Twitter Marketing Services Includes

Create custom-designed Twitter profile and cover images

Help you build a loyal following the right way, without utilizing bad practices like buying followers

Create a customized Twitter marketing strategy, including consistent content creation, posting, monitoring, & reputation management

YouTube Marketing

With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month, YouTube has cemented its position as the top video sharing website in the world – it pulls in more searches than Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, and Ask combined. Enhance your searchability on the world’s 2nd largest search engine with YouTube marketing.

Your YouTube presence can be an educational resource, a brand builder, or both. Whether you have commercials, how-tos, “about us” videos, or slideshows, YouTube is prime real estate for getting your videos found. Since it is owned by Google, videos are often displayed among its search results; and you’ll only maximize your visibility by investing in video optimization and marketing on your YouTube channel.

Why Choose YouTube Marketing Services ?

  • Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day.
  • More than 50 percent of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community.
  • There are more than 1 billion active YouTube user accounts

YouTube Marketing Services Includes

We’ll create a YouTube channel that’s designed to closely match the look of your website

Complete text transcriptions are available to accompany your video

We’ll add a custom, embeddable YouTube button to your website that directs traffic to your channel

Pinterest Marketing

As the ultimate discovery network, effective Pinterest marketing shows and tells consumers what your brand is all about. Encouraging more purchases than any other social platform, Pinterest is an online bulletin board where users curate eye-catching images of food, home goods, clothes, crafts, and so much more.

Pinterest for Business allows users to discover your brand, share (or pin) your content, and interact with your company. Although ideal for businesses in the retail, food, and other industries with visually appealing products, with the proper Pinterest marketing strategy, it can be beneficial to any type of business.

Why Choose Pinterest Marketing Services ?

  • Pinterest Converts More Browsers Into Buyers
  • Pinterest Drives Tons of Traffic
  • User Engagement Is Addictively High
  • Discover What Your Audience Loves

Pinterest Marketing Services Includes

We’ll create and Set up a Pinterest business account

Create 4-5 boards as a starting point. & we’ll perform 3 actions (pins, repins) per week

Advertise on Pinterest through Promoted Pins or Buyable Pins when applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions? We got Answers!

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM involves promoting content in various ways to social media users, in attempt to increase traffic and exposure. SMM can involve developing content that targets social media users, building a network of other users, requesting votes from others, and anything else that involves getting votes and traffic from social media websites.

Is social media for me?

Any business can benefit from social media. Whether you sell products or services, there’s an audience for you on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Most definitely! It’s been proven again and again by business after business. In fact, not utilizing social media marketing can actually harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is simply expected of any reputable firm these days.

Do I have to have Facebook and Twitter accounts?

No, you don’t need to have existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to utilize our social media services. We’re happy to set them up for you! To start building your fan base, we’ll post and tweet on your behalf. On the other hand, if you’ve already established social media accounts, we’ll optimize your profile information and take over management of the accounts.

Do you guarantee sales?

While social media often leads to an increase in traffic, greater brand recognition and improved customer loyalty, we can’t guarantee increased sales. We’ll use our industry expertise to manage your social media efforts, but it’s ultimately up to you to satisfy shoppers and encourage sales.

Will you handle all aspects of my social media?

No. We’ll regularly post, tweet and handle any buzz for you, but any engagement that results from content that you post on your own will be your responsibility to address. We’re also unable to address any service issues (including, but not limited to, return policy questions, refund requests, order status inquiries, merchandise complaints, warranty claims, etc.).

How will you know what content to post for my company?

We’ll research your industry and determine a strategy that sets your content apart. We’ll also stay attuned to industry news to ensure that your posts and tweets are relevant and timely. For product promotions, we’ll also need product and special pricing info.

What types of content will you post?

We use a powerful blend of your words (direct quotes from your blog, website, social media sites, and published works), along with links to your blog articles, service/product offerings, social media pages, and other relevant sites. We keep your audience up to date on your industry’s news and trends. We also post quotes from inspirational and famous people who align with your brand and style.

To summarize, the content we post for you consists of:

* your tips and quotes
* links to your blog articles
* links to your service / product offerings
* links to your other social media pages
* relevant and complementary content from other sources (news, trends, resources)
* inspirational quotes from people who align with your brand and goals

Why would I want to post a video to YouTube?

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine. To not take advantage of this potential traffic generator is leaving money on the table.

Why do you need access to my personal Facebook page?

We will only post to your Facebook Business Page. However, to access the Business Page, we need approval from a page administrator. We ask permission to access your personal page in order to connect through to the Facebook Business Page you are an administrator of.

Please note, We will never post to your personal Facebook account. When signing up for the first time, simply keep clicking through the prompts. It will ask you which “Brand Page” you’d like to connect. At that point, you’ll be able to choose your specific Facebook Business Page.

Is this a 24×7 service?

Our social media team is in the office Monday-Friday during regular business hours (CT). If it’s important to you to have posts or tweets pushed to your fans during off-hours, we can schedule them for those times, but we can only actively engage with fans, followers, and community members while we’re in the office.

How will I know if this is working?

At the end of each month, you’ll receive a social media report that evaluates your social reach, analyzes your engagement and assesses your social influence.